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Volume 8/Issue 6, November 2012

A case of monozygous preterm twins with gastroschisis

Joanne Darke, Anthony Emmerson, Raju Narasimhan

Gastroschisis is a structural defect present at birth in which part of the abdominal wall is missing, allowing the intestines and other organs to protrude through the opening. This article highlights a rare case of gastroschisis affecting a set of monozygous preterm twins. The proposed aetiology of gastroschisis is reviewed alongside a discussion of how this case report might contribute to current understanding of the pathogenesis of the condition.

Darke J., Emmerson A., Narasimhan R. A case of monozygous preterm twins with gastroschisis. Infant 2012; 8(6): 180-181. Free download PDF

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