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Volume 9/Issue 5, September 2013

Beta-casein proteins and infant growth and development

Michele J. Sadler, Nicholas Smith

Milk formula is usually based on cows’ milk with the addition of essential nutrients and vitamins. A major protein component of cows’ milk is beta-casein of which there are two primary variants, A1 and A2. Studies have linked a digestive product of A1, but not A2, to an increased risk of type 1 diabetes in some infants, adverse immune responses, digestive disorders and respiratory dysfunction. The A2 protein is more comparable to human beta-casein protein. Formula based on the A2 protein, excluding A1 protein, may more closely mimic breast milk and may help to maintain optimal growth and development in the infant.

Sadler M. J., Smith N. Beta-casein proteins and infant growth and development Infant 2013; 9(5): 173-76. Free download PDF

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