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Volume 10/Issue 2, March 2014

A preterm infant with progressive abdominal distension

Anju Singh, Abigail Pugh, Khalid Sharif, Girish Gupte

This report describes the case of a preterm infant with progressive liver enlargement causing abdominal distension at a few weeks of age. The liver biochemistry was normal with Doppler ultrasonographic evidence of increased vascularity within the liver parenchyma. The diagnosis was infantile multifocal hepatic haemangiomas. The clinical management required input from a multidisciplinary team. The spectrum of clinical presentation, diagnostic pathway and management options is reviewed.

Singh A., Pugh A., Sharif K., Gupte G. A preterm infant with progressive abdominal distension Infant 2014; 10(2): 65-68.

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